TVR Sportscars New Zealand is owned and managed by the renowned Kiwi based TVR guru, Jim Gamsby.

Jim, operated an independent TVR workshop in the UK before he moved to New Zealand where he setup his current TVR service and repair business. He specialises in everything TVR such as mechanical engineering, crash repair and coachbuilding.

Jims standard of work and his commitment to “Doing it bloody right” is evident with every conversation and in every vehicle that you see in his workshop.

Just just like many TVR owners, Jim is completely down to earth. For example, when asking him for a story about his background and skillset for this website, this was met with a scowl and a little push back, “just get on with it, it’s all about the cars after all”.

However, if you want to buy a TVR or have your TVR serviced or repaired, search any forum or the TVR facebook page within New Zealand and you’ll see that the unanimous advice from local owners is:

Just call Jim, the TVR guru.  

Jim can be reached on +64 27 482 8986 or via the contact page.