Have something to sell? Maybe we can help…

Here at TVR sportscars New Zealand, over the years we have built strong relationships in the New Zealand TVR community. We have worked on or serviced a large proportion of local TVR’s and we have talked to most owners at some stage.

We are happy to assist with the sale and purchase of your TVR. We offer independent vehicle inspections to those selling or buying any model of TVR and we know what to look for in each model. Our seller may have been a long time customer, the buyer represents future clients and we pride ourselves in being 100% independent of the sale and purchase process.

We can help sellers substantiate the quality of their cars prior to advertising.

We can help buyers substantiate the quality of their cars prior to purchasing.

We do not commercially buy or sell TVR’s.

If you are in the market to buy or sell, drop us an email with the details and we’ll happily post the details on this website.



Year 1996 Chimaera 4L with 79,451 K’s (subject to change). Ex Japan car. More details to follow.

Feel free to call Jim to discuss this car.

FOR SALE  SOLD is Harley’s 1996 5L Chimaera, 58,850 Km. Asking $42,000

UPDATE 14/12/2017

All details below have been posted by the TVRNZ website admin and have been copied from TradeMe with the vehicle owners full consent.

Described as;

Excellent condition 5ltr Chimaera.All work has been done by TVR Guru Jim Gamsby.They only made 600 of these big boys 340 BHP and 1080 KG gives 0 to 100 KM in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 175 MPH if you are brave.The interior is full leather and in excellent condition.